4 Reasons to Use a Resume Builder

2015-06-08 by Steve

Applying for a new job position can be an intimidating experience for most people. In fact, some people will not seek a progression in job because of the steps that it takes to get to their next level. From completing the initial job application to deciding what they should say on an interview, some people do not know where they should start. Even though the temptation to pass up promotional opportunities are often driven by the unknown, people who pass this fear to seek out the help that’s needed can complete this process successfully. This said, one of the most intimidating parts of the application process is getting the resume together. While there are many ways to accomplish this part of the process, people can choose the one that will best fit their needs.

In the past, some people would elect to solicit assistance from a friend or a family member to create their resume. Or, they may decide to hire a professional to write their resume for them. Today, there are other options available and they include using a resume builder. A resume builder can be ideal in many situations because of the following benefits. 

#1 – Helps with Gathering Essential Resume Information 

To be viewed as a serious applicant, people should always create a resume and send it with every application, unless otherwise instructed. It is also important to note that some recruitment services have specific information that they want to collect so they may offer a resume builder to their applicants. The resume builder is designed to collect specific information because it is divided in sections. Typically, the resume builder will asks the applicant about their personal information (name, home address, email address). Once this information is completed, the resume builder will automatically move to the next section to collect job information (job titles, job dates, employers, and job description). However, because most resume builders are designed to meet a companies needs, they can vary from one to another. 

#2 – Formatting
A resume builder is also beneficial to people who may not type well. Which means, they will have a very difficult time trying to format their resume in a specific manner. With a resume builder, people do not have to worry about the formatting of their resume because it is already being done as the person completes the information. 

#3 – Ease of Use
The resume builder is very easy to use. This is because it is designed to collect the information one section at a time. Thereby, making it real easy for the person to use the tool to create their resume properly. 

#4 – Saves Time
It’s not uncommon for people to be under strict time constraints to complete their resume. The timing usually varies from one job posting to another since some recruiters may give people a week to apply, while others require a few days only. The closing of the posting is normally based on the need for the position to be filled. With this in mind, people can complete the process quickly instead of being confused about what they should include on the document.