5 Resume Tips

2015-06-15 by admin

A resume is a document that creates the first impression on potential employers, without any physical interaction with the applicants. It helps to showcase your talents as a great resource for the organization and reflects your attitude toward the work you are seeking. Before you start to write a resume, you must remember that the organization is likely to receive many of them. So you need to write your resume in a way that it stands out from the rest. Let’s look at some of the best resume tips. 

10 Seconds Impression
Most recruiters spend about 10 seconds reviewing every resume, so you will want yours to be concise, structured and specific.

1. Be Specific About Your Qualification
When applying for a given position, make sure your cover letter picks up at least four key qualifications given in the job description and try to be specific about what you can offer directly with regards to those qualifications.

2. Career Objectives
A career summary is appropriate for most applicants though there are a few exceptions. For example, if your work experience is less than five years, you can write a one sentence objective statement describing your target industry. But if you have a long experience, then you should include a career summary which offers insight into your work experience, skills and attributes. Typically, a career summary should be in a block paragraph format of about 3-5 sentences long.

3. Customize Your Resume
Before sending your resume for any specific position, do research about the company and position so that you have a clearer understanding of the company’s goals and culture, importance of the position to the organization, and the qualities and skills that match the position. Once you have gathered enough information, customize your resume to meet the requirements emphasized by the organization for this position.

4. Demonstrate Your Achievements and Accomplishments
Make sure the experience section is basically a summary of what you achieved, contributed and accomplished in each position. While it is important to list your job description, that is not enough. But make sure you tell the truth. Things like lying about what you did or where you worked will only give a prospective employer a red flag about your integrity.

5. Add Your Resume to LinkedIn
Ensure your resume is on the internet. Once you have prepared a perfect document, create a LinkedIn profile and then add every information on the resume to it. This will make it easy for employers to find you online.

The rule of the thumb is that a resume should not be more than 2 pages. If you have less experience, the resume can even be one page. Show your resume to family, references and friends and ask them if it communicates your strengths, experiences and qualifications in a way that would be interesting to your interviewer. Family and friends can be great resources for identifying mistakes.