Be Prepared With A Great Resume

2014-03-20 by Rebecca

For most of us, we aren’t likely to have the opportunity to meet everyone with whom we would like to work. That job is likely to be out of town. Perhaps, you met them at a job fair or other employment oriented event. They would still need something that reinforces that first impression so they will want to give you an interview. This is where a resume comes in.

This paper is an introduction. It should represent an accurate portrayal of who you are and what you have been doing in your life up until that point. Think of all experiences you have had that may be of interest to any potential employer. Types of things that would be considered are work history, education, experience, skills, and interest.

Good organization is important when impressing a potential employer and this should reflect that. Doing that right serves two purposes. It makes reviewing your talents simple. A well constructed paper also shows that you are organized. Each section should be centered on things you have done that are most relevant to the job you are trying to get.

A career objective the purpose of including is to let the reader know what you are seeking. If you do not have a specific job in mind or are just making a general resume, you are free to leave the objective out of the document. An objective that is too ambiguous can be more harmful than helpful. Your objective should be something that will match the education and experience you are including.

Education will be another major piece in this document. Education includes the highest level of education you have attained. If you have graduate level schooling, it probably isn’t necessary to include high school. If you have little work experience, then you should be more in depth and list coursework relevant to the post. When applying for an internship, relevant coursework is a critical inclusion for this section. That will aid the reviewer in determining where you can get started.

Work experience is simply a listing of the jobs you have done and duties performed at those jobs. If you have only had one job, give a thorough account of your duties. Put yourself in the best possible light and don’t sell yourself short. Even seemingly mundane duties can show an employer that you have a level of responsibility. IF you have had a number of different jobs, include those where the duties coincide with the new job you are trying to get.

Someone who is new to the workforce will find they are lacking in the work experience department. If this is the case, you may have done other things. Extracurricular activates such as volunteering, tutoring, or internships are good to include. Interests you have may relate to the career you want. Any of these activities may provide some ability that applies in the job market.

Putting together an inspired resume template can be a simple and enjoyable task. The goal is to get you a job interview. By keeping your goals and experiences in mind and having them in a well organized document, this can be accomplished.