Discover Ways To Wow The Boss Using A Resume Template

2014-03-21 by Steve

Finally, after thinking and dreaming and deciding what you want to do with your life, it is now time to knock on company doors and apply for a job. What do you arm yourself with? Will it be your new pair of designer shoes or your neatly pressed suit? Yes, these are good things to have but first and foremost your resume must be very impressive and so does the resume template you use. Here are some tips to do this:

1. Choose a resume template. Nothing beats a professional-looking resume. Choose from a wide variety of resume templates to ensure that yours doesn’t look like it has been done by a fresh graduate. There are hundreds to choose from so pick one that is simple and neat.

2. Customize the resume template. To ensure that yours doesn’t look like the one held by the other applicant in the waiting room, customize some of the design. You can change the color of the borders for instance. Choose a neutral color though and stay away from pinks and yellows. Choose a different professional looking font. Keyword there is professional and that means don’t select Comic Sans of course. Ensure also that you use a reasonable font size which for me personally is 12.

3. Ensure that information supplied is complete. It is strange but most people add a section for Character References but do not supply any. If the HR Manager has a good impression of you and would like to quickly decide on who to pick, it would be quite convenient if there already is a number he or she can call to check your background. Unless of course, you are hiding something, it is good practice to supply the contact information of people who can say good things about you.

4. Check your grammar and spelling. Nothing makes the HR Manager put down your resume in the rejected pile more than badly constructed English. Writing skills are very important and that means when Microsoft Word is too aggressive in highlighting all the misspelled words and incorrect grammar usage when you are editing, it just means that your resume is not ready yet. Go back and review your resume until you are satisfied that it is correct.

5. Use strong words. Strong resume keywords like “solid”, “dependable”, “proficient”, “proven” etc. Help in describing exactly how good you are at what you do. Obviously these words might not necessarily be what your previous co-workers would say about you. What you should do before putting them in is analyze what your strengths are. And do not be shy to highlight them by using these strong words.

6. Be honest. Yes, your resume needs to stand out from the rest but please don’t misrepresent yourself by adding imaginary certifications and extending your previous work experience to impress the HR Manager. Even if you end up getting hired and even if you are able to impress them with your work, you will always have that fear that someday, somebody might review your resume and realize that you did not attend the school you said you graduated from! It is always important to be truthful to yourself and to your potential employers.

7. Review your resume. Do not forget to proofread and do a last review. Make sure that everything is in order. Even excellent writers commit grammar mistakes. Invest time in really double-checking everything. When you print your resume out, make sure that you pick quality paper and keep it in an envelope or a folder. No food or dirt marks please. No folds or creases as well.

These 7 simple tips for coming up with an impressive resume should help you get your foot on the door to getting your dream job!

Candidates must always remember that first impressions are lasting ones. A resume creates the initial impression and it is the very thing that allows you to get a chance on the initial interview. Resumes serve as the first meeting between the employer and the interested candidate. The quality and how resumes are done gives a precise reflection on the quality of work that a candidate can deliver.