Do I Really Need a Resume?

2014-08-27 by admin

Hhmmm…so you’re thinking about getting a new job, or maybe you have recently graduated or earned better credentials, or have been recently laid off. And you’re thinking to yourself, “Do I really need a resume?” The short answer to that question is, “Yes!” But why…

Sometimes having a resume can seem redundant, especially when so many companies now require you to complete an application or work history even while offering you the option to attach your resume to the required application. However, there are a number of things your resume can say about you that cannot be included on a simple form application.

The fact that you have a resume, and preferably a professional-looking, well organized resume, indicates to an employer that you take yourself seriously and that you are serious about finding new employment. Resume building is not always easy and employers will look twice at someone who has put in the time and effort to present themselves well.

And of course, there are always a number of jobs that do not require an application, but simply request that you send a copy of your resume. In this instance, your resume serves as the primary method of communication with a potential employer. At the very least, your resume should include your name and contact information and work history. However, if you actually want to get the job you’ve applied for, you should use your resume as an opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers.

Without a good resume, you cannot tell employers about your experience or what skills you’ve gained during the course of that experience. Resume building is the perfect opportunity to lay out your accomplishments and demonstrate both to yourself and to a potential employer exactly what you’ve done during your career. It organizes everything, allowing anyone who is reading it to see a more complete picture of who you are professionally and what can be expected from you.

Alternatively, if you have recently graduated from college, obtained an advanced degree, or acquired new training or certification in some area, you need a new resume to reflect this. Even if you aren’t considering leaving your current position after having enhanced your credentials and qualifications, you never know when a new opportunity may present itself and it is best to be prepared.

Conclusively, a resume is the best, most effective way to tell an employer about yourself and what you’ve accomplished in your professional life. It outlines your skills and qualifications, and demonstrates that you care enough to put the time and effort into getting the job.