Excellent Tips On How To Use Free Online Resume Builders And Turn Your Life Around

2015-10-13 by admin

Excellent Tips On How To Use Free Online Resume Builders And Turn Your Life Around.

Using a free online resume builder is by far the easiest way to draft a presentable, reasonably outstanding and accurate resume. However, very few job seekers have actually mastered the art of using these tools comfortably and efficiently. As a consequence, most end up with half-baked resumes that barely communicates their career strengths.

Fortunately enough, we have compiled some worthy tips for you.

a.)Make use of relevant keywords.

Almost all online resume builders today have the capacity of accepting keywords that are later used and weaved together to create a compelling resume. And here is where most users will fail by ignoring the app’s requests for relevant keywords. Always have it at the back of your mind that in as much as we’re all after nice and readable resumes, 96% of hiring managers today use application tracking systems to narrow down their search and weed out irrelevant resumes from their pools. The last thing you need is your resume to be discarded for simply containing relevant or related keywords.

b.)Spellcheck and proofread the final draft for grammatical consistency.

A free online resume builder is an online application like any other. So that means that it is not exactly 100% efficient, and neither is it meant to be such. Even the best online resume builders sometimes churn out write ups with numerous grammatical and spelling errors to the extent of the final draft being incoherent or hard to make sense of. So, it is up to you, as the prospective placement seeker, to spellcheck and proofread the final draft manually before submitting it to the hiring managers.

c.)Remember to summarize your skills as most online resume builders will use generic adjectives to describe your professional background.

The only drawback in relying heavily on resume builders to do the job for you is that most of the time the tool uses a plethora of generic ( non-specific ) verbiage to describe one’s professional journey. Therefore, it is up to as you as the responsible job applicant to remember to fill in the unique specifics of your career during the final editing. It might sound like common sense, but you will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the people who use such tools rarely have the time to edit or draft their resumes manually.

Bottom line.

In as much as online resume builders can save you on a rainy day, it is exactly smart to rely on them entirely as long as you’re interested in coming up with a better than average resume.

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