Format Of A Sample Resume

2014-05-21 by Rebecca

A resume is a reflection of a person’s academic skills, career achievements, scholastic records and job experience. Most of the resumes are based on these factors or a combination of them. In addition to presenting all the details of your career and education, you also need to think of how better you can present your details. Highlighting your hobbies, future plans and current roles being performed too is preferred. You need to be creative in your presentation.

Resume Format

Resume writers that are available can draft a perfect resume with clear and concise details. If you prefer to prepare a resume on your own, then conducting a preliminary research regarding the format and wordings is essential. Never be in a hurry to prepare resume without enough details. Instead of updating your details more frequently than required, it is better to categorize your resume into different sections for a much easier manipulation.

Professional Experience

An ideal resume is something that consists of all your details in a pre-formatted order. The most important section is ‘Experience’. You will be able to impress recruiters only when you highlight it properly, It should consists of details like name of your organization, designation and the roles you perform. Similar should be the case with previous organizations as well, if any. The focus should be on clarity of details and arrangement.

Personal Information

Mentioning your personal information in a resume should be restricted to the core. For example, if you focus too much on providing details about your family members, background and hobbies, then that might divert recruiters in general. There are several samples available online that will let you know where to put tab and where to describe. It will be better if you could relate the details mentioned in this section with your career.


Some employers would be interested in knowing more details about you. Apart from regular information about your scholastic performance and experience, they would be like to check whether you have achieved anything worth mentioning in the past or not. Clear and short sentences with attractive titles will work in such a situation. Ideal titles to be considered are ‘Best Performer of the Year’ or ‘Winner of Excellency Award’.


To lighten matters and to unveil a new facet of yours, this section contributes a lot. You can include details like your participation in sporting events, your hobbies, entertainment and your favorite personalities. Detailing your interests in a points-wise manner will help recruiters understand quickly about the information you provide. However, you should never get too involved as it disinterests the person reading. Starting with a small introductory paragraph will create a deep impact on the minds of recruiters.


After you go through a couple of resumes, it appears to be confusing as every resume has got its own style of arrangement. The best way to get rid of such a peculiar situation is to form your own idea. Most of the critiques disregard the aspect of indentation. However, if you indent the information you provide, drawing a border or setting the page will be easy. Remember to number pages and try to limit the number of pages to 1 or 2 but not more.


As you get deeply involved about formatting your resume and more providing details, it is common to forget simple yet vital aspects. The usage of punctuation marks should be according to your style of resume creation. In order to create more effect, try to use sentences that have few words but more meaning. Limit the use of bold words to titles and important sentences.

Cover Letter

If you feel that your resume will not serve the purpose as far as impressing a recruiter is considered, then draft a cover letter. It should be highlighted with your name and address in the beginning. Try to summarize your career and education in few meaningful sentences. In the end, you have to express your aim and goals using catchy phrases. Submitting a cover letter is optional though depending upon the nature of job.

Resume Summary

An online sample resume starts with a resume summary. It is not possible to provide summaries in reality, but you can be more creative online. Your resume summary gives a quick glimpse of your career to the recruiter. Hence, it is vital that you provide each and every word as attractive and expressive as possible. Try to reflect your basic profile along with the designation and the number of years of experience you have.