Help Me Write A Resume

2014-09-29 by admin

This is the most common question our clients ask us. Knowing how to write a resume is one of the most important life skills that everybody will need at one point or another. In order to this, there are several guidelines one needs to follow. A resume itself is basically a profile of a potential employer, and it will list their current working status, their relevant experience and what qualifications have been achieved. It is vitally important to remember that the employer is not interested in a ten-page essay about oneself, but would rather like to see how one is suitable for the job. This is very similar to the likes of a commercial, and therefore it is important to grab their attention quickly with the appropriate information.

Layout of the Profile

A very important thing to remember is the actual layout. A lot of the time people will make the mistake of listing off all of their contact details, personal information, hobbies and interests first and write “resume” at the top of the page. This makes for a very bland looking document and a lot of employers won’t be able to really tell it apart from others. In order to spice it up a little bit, one needs to find creative ways of making it stand out just a little bit more. Since experience and qualifications (if applicable) are necessary, then one should put this information first.

Listing the Relevant Experience

Any previous work which somehow relates to the position one is applying for should be written down, usually in bullet points. This cannot be stressed enough. Try and make it as short and sweet as possible as a lot of companies get hundreds per day. Especially if they are looking for people with a lot of experience, then this is something very important to add. An example would be if someone were going for a training position, but mostly had experience within customer service, list off how one can transfer the skills they learned in their previous role to the one they wish to enter now.

Putting Down One’s Qualifications

There is no harm in listing all of one’s qualifications as long as it fits within the profile, although the general advice would be to put the relevant ones at the top. For example, if one graduated with a bachelor’s degree in any subject, then have this one at the top. University degrees are highly valued by a lot of employers and so this will work wonders for one’s chances of getting the position. Any other small certificates one achieved, even if they are lower on the scale, are also a good idea to put down. Those who do not have degrees from a university might still have a lot of other qualifications behind them.

Contact Info and Current Employment

Always remember to put every important point down as bullet points. This will make for much easier reading. Now that the reader has an idea of one’s experience and qualifications, basically the main selling points, they can read over the current situation of the applicant and what contact details are available.

Overall, one’s resume will look a lot better, more professional and will be more likely to get a call for an interview.