How To Create An Attention Grabbing Resume

2014-03-17 by Steve

A well written resume can do a lot to promote your chances of landing a coveted job. Hunting for a job is not easy but with the right information about yourself, it becomes easier to impress would be employers which is why it pays to learn how to create this very important document.

A properly formed resume will help to set you apart from the competition and this can help you land a job with less trouble. Your resume and letter is the first thing that prospective employers find out about you and is the first contact that they have with you. It is therefore important to create it in the right format and it should be properly written as only if it meets certain standards can you expect to present yourself in the right manner.

A poorly written resume and letter will not grab the attention of the employer who will scan it and discard it. Therefore, you need to be focused on designing the resume and letter in the best manner possible. Regardless of whether you are sending it through electronic means or on paper, it must be properly made.

A very helpful tool for many people is to make use of templates that are readily available and help to make your resume and letter stand out. Using templates means enjoying convenience and it is also easy to create your resume and succeed in making it look inviting.

A common mistake that many people make is to include graphics on the first page. The simple truth is that neither your photograph nor any other form of graphic is appropriate for your resume and letter. In fact, your resume and letter should include plain text which will help to make it stand out and also make the employer sit up and take notice of you in a professional capacity rather than being sidetracked with clever graphics.

In order to format the resume and letter in the right way you will need to try and keep the entire resume and letter to two pages length and not more. Use one inch margins on the page on the top and on the bottom as well as to the left and right. Try to use left justification instead of centering the text and use a consistent font as well as font size.

If you are going to use bullet points, be sure to use the basic square or circular ones. You can put headlines in all capital letters while the rest of the text can be in normal sentence case and without any kind of special formatting. Never use underlining in the text of your resume and letter, especially when creating an electronic document.

Before sending your resume, you must get someone responsible to go over it and check it and give their feedback. You can email this resume and letter to a few friends and ask them to review it for you. In addition, you should take a printout of it and also review it on your own to ensure that formatting is proper and that the margins have been set properly. The content should not look too crowded and you should also try and keep it simple and sleek as this will help create the right impression in the mind of the employer.