How to Write a Good Resume

2015-05-28 by Reese

Statistics show that recruiters spend an average of only six seconds on each resume before deciding who fits the job. That means you really need a good resume to make a strong impression through the screening process. Obviously, it’s not easy to write a good resume. This requires a lot of planning, effort, and knowing the rules. Over the last years the art of writing a perfect resume has evolved. Various styles of formatting and writing have been trendy then gone. However, there are some basic rules that never changed. We will introduce you a guide to create the best resume that can help you been noticed and get the job interview. 

You can find resume templates provided by word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. However, these templates are too common and it is better to use something more unique. There are also various resume templates that you can find online. These resume templates vary depending on the position and industry you apply for. You should tailor your own resume for the job you desire. Search online for resume templates appropriate for the vacant job then study the company’s website for hints about their business philosophy, taglines, and repeated words. Include these words in your resume content in order to mirror the values and language of the company in your resume.

Here are the general guidelines for writing a good resume:

Start by including your name and contact info at the top of the page. You may use bold face for your name. Include your full home address, email address, and cell phone number in regular font.
The next step is to include an objective. This is optional and you may skip it. In case that you decide to write an objective this should explain what are you looking for, why you qualify and it should match the job you apply for.

You should adapt the length of your resume to your work experience. For example, if you are in the twenties and don’t have many years of work experience yet, then your resume should cover only one page. In case that you have over ten years of work experience you may add a second page. In order to draw reader’s attention to particular items, use plenty of white space on your page.

Avoid including non-relevant information that distracts the reader from what it’s really important. In current job market it is likely that most of the people had some part-time survival jobs to make ends meet. Do not include every single job you ever had, but rather only jobs relevant to the position you apply for. This will ensure you keep your CV focused to the point. In case that you have just minimal work experience you need to highlight your transferable skills that can be used regardless of the position.

Format your CV in a pleasant way, balanced with bold, italics font, and with bullet lists for your accomplishments. Do not forget to use the right keywords for the industry and company you apply for. Most of the companies use nowadays online recruitment tools that select resumes based on keywords. List your accomplishments and responsibilities under each job you’ve had.

At the end of your resume include relevant education background such as the name of your college, the year you graduated, and your degree, but make sure to keep information about your education as short as possible.