How to Write a Resume

2015-01-05 by Steve

A resume is your first chance of getting noticed by an employer. It is a summary of your career achievements that aims to compel the recruiter to have a single meet with you. Thus the content, format and the overall look of the resume should be perfect. If you have been wondering how to write a resume since a long period of time but are getting too many suggestions in this regard then do keep reading on. Here are a few simple steps that would help you to create a powerful resume that would impress your prospective employer in no time. These tips are simple and easy to implement so you can do it yourself. You may not need a resume writer for building your resume after you go over these tips.
Select a Simple Font: It should be easy to read and not so fancy. Otherwise the recruiter may not understand the writing and simply move onto the next resume.

Always Include Your Current Contact Information: Never give a secondary phone number in the resume. Remember no one would bother to keep calling you over and over again to present a job opportunity.

Add in a Brief Objective or Aim: It should be crisp and precise. It should explain your career goals within a few words only.

Don’t Forget the Keywords: Put in the keywords by which a recruiter would search your resume. For example: If you are applying for the post of Sales Manager then your resume should have this keyword at least 2-3 times.

First Things First: You should always list your current and most recent achievements first. This would help the recruiter to judge your worth within a few seconds.

Keep it Short: No one likes to read a lot of pages of your achievements or your life’s story. So keep the resume short, precise and to the point. Never include the story of your life or problems faced by you in detail.

Customization is the Key: You should always customize your resume to meet the expectations of a specific employer. For Example: If Facebook is your dream company then the resume you forward over there should be customized. It should show how you can help the company to grow.

Select a Cool Template: There are many templates available over the internet that can be used for resume writing. Use them. Select the ones you like add in the resume and see whether it fits or not. If not simply switch to another template.

Do Include Numbers: When you are talking about your achievements, it’s always wise to substantiate it. You should know that numbers that back your skills would get your resume shortlisted very easily.

Post it Everywhere: After you have completed the task of designing your resume, you should post it everywhere, be it a job portal or your LinkedIn profile. Doing so would not only help you to get more calls from various companies but you would also get your friends or industry experts’ opinion on your resume. You can then modify the resume to make it perfect.