Pure and Simple Resume Advice

2015-06-10 by admin

Getting a job is never an easy task in these tough economic times. Employers are becoming stricter on job requirements and will only choose the best from the many job applicants. However, most people miss out on jobs they perfectly fit due to poor resume. A resume is an important document in a job search as it tells all about the job applicant to the employer. Before one can get a chance to attend an interview, employers will use the resume to select whoever they think will fit the job profile. To even get considered for a job interview, your resume needs to stand out from the rest. In most cases, students and other job seekers spend several hours trying to dazzle their resumes with all the important information that can give them an edge over other applicants. However, you will be surprised that most employers spend seconds to make a decision on the job applicants. So what resume advice can job seekers look to add into their resumes.

Proofread for grammar errors

It is important to always proofread your resume. In most cases, several people apply for the same job making it difficult for employers to choose the best. A small mistake like a misplaced comma can put your resume at the bottom of the stack. When several qualified job applicants apply for a job, the employer will always look for a reason to minimize the long lists.

Put your focus on accomplishments

Your accomplishments should stand out in the resume instead of your responsibilities. The employer will always look out for how one is a perfect match for the job and not the responsibilities he or she can handle. Let the job experience and skills stand out on the resume as this is what most employers look out for. One should not lie or inflate their accomplishment but this does not you modest them. Stating out clearly what you are able to do will go a long way in giving you the edge over your competitors.

Avoid complicated designs

Most companies use the applicant tracking system to get the resumes of the job applicants. Most of these systems are not compatible to complicated resume designs and this can cut down your chances of being considered.

Quantify any data

The world has changed and most businesses nowadays work on metrics. If you have to write down some of the successes you have done in previous jobs then you need to quantify that. For salesmen and women you will have to write down the figures you had in previous companies instead of saying ‘high sales’.

Keep it short

No employer will spend much of their precious time going through every detail of what you wrote. It’s important that your resume remains short and concise. Depending on your experience, it is important to keep your resume a one or two page.


Remember the resume is what will speak on your behalf to the employer. Make your resume interesting so that the employer can read it through if you are to stand any chance of been considered.