Resume Example For Various Professions

2014-12-02 by admin

Mini Resumes

There are certain jobs, which only require mini resumes. The information included should be the qualifications and career highlights. This type of resume is useful for sharing or networking, and is useful for those who need to have an overview of your achievements. The resume should include the contact information.

The health care resumes for medical professionals

These resumes are specially designed for health care workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Medical Assistants and Allied Staff. The health care coordinators can also use these resumes for putting in their applications for jobs. These resumes are basically similar to the executive resumes, but need to include the following headings. The resume can be extended to 3 pages.

*Summary should be included in bullet form rather than the block form

*Include a section on the medical and technical skills. These are especially required for jobs such as Radiologists, Radiographers, Sonographer and other diagnostic medical professionals etc.

The Financial and Accounting Professionals

If you are applying for positions such as Financial Controller or Accounting consultant, the resume needs to include the following and should be restricted to one page preferably.


*Core Skills


*Skills such as cash management, budget preparation, taxation, planning, organizational re-engineering and business analysis

*Do mention if you have Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification.

The legal job positions

The legal sector includes both legal and paralegal job positions. The resume can be sent for positions such as judges, lawyers, corporate counsels, paralegal assistants etc. The resume can be between 1-2 pages. The information needs to be included as follows.


*Employment including dates



In the resume, at the end, mention the names of the referees or just say that the names of the referees will be provided on request, depending on the type of position you are planning to apply.

If the resume needs to be sent to the recruitment agencies, make sure to include as much as possible. This will enable the agent to match your skills with various jobs available in the market. These are some of the resume examples, which provide comprehensive information on the headings to be includes in various forms of job applications.