The Benefits of a Resume

2014-12-19 by Rebecca

When you apply for a job, you will want your prospective employer to believe that you are the most qualified applicant. Your resume can be your “silent salesman” and can make you look good or bad. This will depend on how you present yourself. One good way to understand proper presentations is to look at a resume sample, and there are a great deal of advantages, in doing so.

Good and Bad

An important advantage in viewing example presentations is looking at both sides. When you look at good ones, you will see why they are good. When you look at bad ones, you will see things that you should avoid. You can read about what to do and why to you should it, but an example may be the best way to understand proper procedure.

Where to Look

You can find many good examples, if you search online. Many of them are free, and you may be able to download templates also. These can help you make an effective presentation, and increase your odds of getting a good job.


Not everyone knows how to properly structure a presentation. This includes the proper format, and not all presentations will be the same. You may notice that you can use several different formats. Pick the one that best fits your situation and skills.

You may wish to use numbered lists. Perhaps you are considering bulleted lists, instead. When you see how they look on the page, it is easier to decide which one will work best for you.

Font is also important to the structure. You may wish to go with a simple font. Perhaps you want something more elaborate. You may not know what size font to use for headings. You can see a good example of these things, when you look at samples.

Knowing What Goes Where

Looking at good examples can show you exactly what goes where. This is very important to your entire presentation. You want it to appear organized and well written. This will show that you are a professional and can handle any kind of duties.

When you read examples, you will see that your contact information usually goes first. However, you may not realize that you also need to place references at the end. This does not matter if you mention your previous employers in your experience section. Your future employer will need contact information on your previous employers. This is best placed at the end.

Job Specific Examples

Suppose you are looking for a job as a warehouse manager. Perhaps you seek a job in human resources. It is very easy to go online and find a resume that is written for that specific job.


Looking at a resume sample can provide many benefits. You can see good and bad examples, and know what to do and what to avoid. You can find many good examples online, and these examples will show you the proper structure for your presentation. They will show you what to include in all sections. When you search for examples, you may find some that are specific to the job that you seek. This can give you an excellent idea, on what to write.