The Perfect Sample Resume To Get The Perfect Job

2014-12-08 by admin

A resume is a marketing tool that an employer uses to have an insight on the skills and attitude of the potential employee. Thus it is not just an amalgamation of the name and qualifications of the person rather it is also the reflection of the persons attitude towards whatever he or she does. In other words your resume is the first piece of your work that the employer is introduced to and will surely bias the impression that your potential employer will have of you. Therefore it is of utmost importance to refer to a sample resume.

Whether you are starting a new career or choosing a new line of work, your resume is the job market equivalent of advertising. In addition to which the contents of your personal and professional data should be as catchy and thought provoking as an advertisement itself. As the employer is looking for a service that many people could render and your aim should be at motivating him to see the fact that you are the one best suited for it.

Although a sample resume can be formatted in many ways, it is important that you format it in a way that precisely focuses on your strong points and accurately reflects your qualifications and experiences in various fields. In case if you are a fresher and thus lack experience, you should focus on your qualifications and extra curricular activities and special talents if any. It is also important that you do not lie in your resume. If you are caught then you will have to deal with a lot of negative impressions coming your way.

It is imperative that your resume is designed precisely for the type of organization you are applying to and the type of job you are applying for. For example, the sample resume you used for applying for the marketing job at your local store would not be a good choice when you are applying for the post of manager at Walmart. Similarly the resume that you used to apply at the local studios for an actors job would not be sufficient to use it to apply for, say the post of manager at the same wall mart store. Thus it is important that you analyze the industry that you are about to enter and design your curriculum vitae accordingly.

You should be professional and clear in your resume. Any form of ambiguity could leave a negative impression on the employer. If you have a funny e-mail id then try to replace it with a professional one as it may twist the opinion of the employer and make you look unprofessional in your dealings.

The first thing that comes after your name and contact details is your objective. It is a concise description of what you are looking for in that job and the career you are about to pursue. Your objective must contain the essence of the information that you would further provide and must relate to the job you are applying for. You should thus use this part to try to charm your employer into thinking that you are the best suited person for the job.

In a one page long sample resume it is usually recommended to use the information that is certainly required in order to efficiently use space. For example if you have fifteen years of experience of handling various jobs you could list them, even if you have to add an extra page. Although, if the job experience does not relate to the specific industry you are applying to then it is usually good to skip it as it would take unwanted space and does a little for securing the job.

Nowadays when there are thousands of job applications ready at the inbox folder of HR department every morning, employers usually do a keyword search to scrap out the ones that are not containing the terms relevant to their industry. Thus it is important that you make your resume keyword rich by using specific keywords that could be relevant to their industry. A good source for your keyword analysis would be the organizations websites and other online sources of information provided by the employer. Although one should use these keywords smartly in order to avoid hampering the content quality of your resume and repeating the same stuff many times just to make it abundant in keywords.

A curriculum vitae could be of many types. Some of the types include Chronological ones: which enlist your education qualifications and job experience in a reverse order. Then there is skill type which focuses on listing your skills according to your proficiency rather than the chronological order in which you gained your qualifications and work experience. It is particularly suited for people who are re-entering the workforce or changing their present field of work. Then there are functional types which are much like the skill type and do not require enlisting information in chronological order but by listing each work experience according to its relevance in the job you are applying for. If you have worked previously as a freelancer or on contract basis for a long time then it would be a good way to show your skills that you have acquired while working and the accomplishments you had in your previous jobs. All the three formats could however be mixed together to form a fourth type that is combinational type. It includes a portfolio of features of skill, chronological and functional types and can be used by people with a lot of work experience to highlight on their strong points. The last type is the Video resume. It is more like any of the above type of resume formats but rather than a piece of paper speaking out your information for you, it lets you speak the contents of your CV in a video, being dressed as one would be dressed in an interview.

Lastly you should check for any grammatical or syntax errors and remove any unwanted information that may not be relevant to the job you are applying. You should also focus on removing extra details that may irritate the employer. Thus with the right kind of the sample resume you can get your dream job.