When Submitting A Professional Resume…

2015-05-20 by Steve

Human resource departments in many company go through many applications daily. A professional resume always seeks to stand out among the crowd of other applications. Some critical insertions need to be in the document in order for chances of an interview increasing.

The goal of a resume is to take the next step towards an interview. It is imperative that all the information is accurate so that during interview process, answers can flow. Contact information within resume would include name, address, phone number, email address and a personal website address if available. A name written in all capital letters using a legible font such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana or Courier does help to prevent misspelling. Keeping the content to one page does make it easier to read, however as long as the content is job relevant, it can exceed one page leading to optimal use of space to deliver the message.

The job being applied for will require certain expertise and skills. Career seekers will have as many pre-requisites as possible. Highlighting those relevant to the job being applied for will improve the possibility of continued review by the Human Resource personnel. The qualifications will be based on scholastic achievements at various institutions. Descriptions should include the institutions attended, Certification and Year of achievement.

Enhancing qualifications are well done with other professional experience in similar fields or fields that will provide some aid to the job being applied for. Practical experience helps to highlight that problem solving skills are potentially available.

Research papers or original writings help to highlight analytical skills and comprehension. These traits are necessary in a global labor market. Reviewing all stand out projects done in any institution of learning will provide a good platform to search for the most relevant topic for the job being sought.

Other activities within the community will also be an asset in showing versatility. Providing a volunteer services or being a part of civic groups does create an image of an actively involved individual.

References are important in increasing the credibility of a person’s character. Using two references that will be available for contact is important in the review process.

Upon completing the document and checking for errors, there are methods that can be used to deliver the application as dictated by the potential employer. Electronic mail is an option. This would require titles in the email subject box to read the Surname, First name, hyphen, resume for the position. A cover letter can be inserted in the body of the email and the application attached. For postal mail, print the document on special resume paper which is available at any stationary supplier’s store. Following printing this can be placed in textured cream colored envelopes with an intention of grabbing the attention of the human resource staff.

Completing the document is one step in getting the interview, a professional resume always fuels the desire for a call from the staffing professional, as it is easier to read and review within a short space of time.