Which Resume Type Works Best For You?

2014-03-18 by Steve

Most people do not realize that a job application starts the instant they submit a resume. This is more than just pieces of paper. It is actually a marketing instrument that allows one to sell himself to the company and point out his worth through his credentials.This plays an important role in three different aspects of ones career. (1) To be hired in a desired job position (2) To achieve promotion (3) To request for salary increase.

There are three kinds of resumes: Chronological, Functional and Combination, or Targeted. Different types also suit different individual work history. And since this also acts as a marketing speech of a candidate in search for a job, it is important that an individual knows which type is most effective in enhancing his personal and work credentials.

For example, a Chronological resume works best for candidates with an impressive work history connected to the target job. It is also perfect for candidates who have had a series of job positions under one same umbrella or industry, and with this they prefer to engage themselves in a career that belongs in the same field. The reason why this type is most effective for these individuals is because this type of resume presents information specifically work history in a time-line manner. Usually, the most recent or current work experience and educational background is the number one among the list, followed by the next most recent and the latter. Such approach highlights series of work history thus making a good impression on the employer. Employers usually want this type since it provides easy access on what jobs an individual have held and the particular order and time this individual has worked at them.

A functional resume on the other hand focuses on an individuals skills rather than the work history. Using this particular type can be useful under conditions that are not so good but definitely common among many candidates. This type works best for individuals who have been changing careers or would want to hide gaps of employment. The format displays the individuals list of skills on the upper most part of the resume instead following a chronological order or dates. This format also highlights and focuses on the candidate’s significant and impressive skills rather than going through the work experiences. Through such format, one can say that this works best if an individual has jumped from one company to another or have long gaps in their employment career even to candidates without useful work experience. This type can be very convenient to such candidates. But since some employers can be traditional, the format of functional resume can be harder to interpret compared to the chronological resume.

It is possible that a candidate appreciates the approach of both Chronological and Functional types. If a candidate feels that both approaches can effectively help him sell himself then he can apply both formats. A Combination or a Targeted Resumes main purpose is to put emphasis on a desired specific job brought about by either a set of skills or work experiences directly related to the position desired. A candidate may consider this type of resume if he is encountering the same scenarios as follows: (1) He has both the necessary skills and work experience related to the position desired and would want to put emphasis on both skills and work experience. (2) He has the skills related to job desired. He has work experiences but these work experiences have no direct and relevant connection in the specific area he is applying for. (3) He is applying for another position within the same company where he is currently working. Combination or Targeted ones are those that lists down first the series of skills and experiences related to the job position desired before discussing the employment history. Through such approach, a candidate can give emphasis on his impressive skills and work experiences that are most related and relevant to the specific job position. Employers then can have a clear understanding of the candidate’s solid strengths, interests and relevance to the position being desired by the candidate.

With the help and the use of these different types of resumes, many prospective job candidates are surely guided in effective ways on how they can best sell themselves and ace any job application.Remember though that you also need to prepare for the interview so start it right by writing a good resume. It gives you a good foundation for your job application. And best of all, it represents that thin line between an employer calling you for an interview and overlooking your qualifications and experience.