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Searching for a job in the 21st century is a little more complex than it was in the past. With so many people with a good education and great experience competing for the few jobs available, one may become really frustrated to the point of giving up. Well, good news is that has a found a simple, yet highly effective way to bring your dream job nearer.

At the click of a button, any job seeker can land on of the most lucrative and best paying jobs in their field of expertise, while an employer could hire the best employee. Boss Crawler is definitely your ultimate landing page as a job seeker, employer, or advertiser. search site

Job Seekers is basically a website that connects job seekers and employers virtually. A job seeker is required to register with the site by providing their personal details, contact and geographical information. After confirmation of the account via the email address provided, one can start posting their resumes for free. You can also search for jobs and apply for them. In fact, this has been made easier by the advanced search that can be used to narrow down job searches to a particular category, keyword or geographical region. Most of these job postings have qualification requirements listed; making sure you qualify before applying is a genius idea. In case you need a more customized job search, then you can use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which will help identify job families or occupations that perfectly fit your profile, resume, and career report. If you get selected for a job by a client, you get instant notifications via email.


As an employer, Boss Crawler helps you get the crème de la crème from all over the world. After creating an account, which entails providing business information, contact and geographical information, you get a chance to create job postings. Each job posting includes the job description, location, the hiring company or firm if any and job qualifications among others. With the free 30 day trial for the first 15 job postings, no employer should hesitate signing in to this job search website. At $20, you can actually post as many jobs as you need for 30 days. If urgency is an issue, then the 5 VIP Jobs package will serve the purpose. It ensures maximum exposure of the job posting to the most qualified job seekers. The employer has 10 days to make 5 VIP job postings which are featured and these last 15 days. The Resume DB Access package gives the employer access to 100 resumes per month for a more proactive search of the most suited employee. There is an option to be featured as a VIP Featured Employer and get your logo on the homepage, which attracts only professionals. This site provides every employer with the best employees in the world in every field imaginable.


Advertising businesses and companies in this era has to take into account the millions of people visiting the internet every second. Boss Crawler, being a website that receives so much traffic from job seekers and employers from all over the world, could just be the best website for you to advertise your company. With its 3 Ad packages, you can actually enjoy building a brand name for your company without a hassle. Some advertisers get a small banner embedded on Boss Crawler's home page. Others can get a large banner ad on this site for a month while the best package gets the advertiser a large banner ad uploaded on the website for 6 months. Apart from the fact that it gets leads and customers to the advertised company, the best part of it is that most of the people that will view the ad are relevant traffic.

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Unlike most websites that only deal with employers, Boss Crawler brings together employers, job seekers and advertisers, a family that will work hand in hand to solve each other’s needs without visiting another site.



Apart from the fact that this website has a familiar user interface and is easy to use, it is really responsive. It loads faster and its upload speeds are impressively fast.



Rather than walking from office to office with your resume, this site allows you to simply upload it, search for jobs and apply. In fact, interviews and hiring can be conducted via this site.



Unlike most spam sites that promise you heaven on earth, Boss Crawler is a trustworthy and reliable site to find employees and jobs. This site is known to have created jobs for thousands of people worldwide.



As a job seeker, you can actually use this site absolutely free of charge. Employers on the other hand, are offered a 30-day free trial package after which you can apply for a package that best suits your needs. There are numerous packages and products offered to job seekers, employers and advertisers.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Sat, 17 Oct 2015 13:47:12 GMT

Pearl, MS BC Exclusive2

MHM Services with Centurion ofMississippi isthe exclusiveprovider of mental health services to theMississippi Department of Corrections.

The new psychiatric nurse practitioner will work with adult inmates in a clinic or outpatient setting performing initial evaluations and follow-up visits to include medication management.

Some of the unique benefits of correctional healthcare include:

Collaborative treatment teams with highly qualified clinicians.

Innovative healthcare environment free of administrative hassles.

Diverse patient population with clinically interesting caseloads.

Exciting and rewarding career in one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare.

Having a positive impact on public health.

We offer an excellent staff of mental health team members for collaboration.

Become the newest member of our dynamic team of professionals and enjoy a comprehensive array of benefits.

For more details about this position or to arrange for a tour of the facilities, please call: Jill Washburn at 262.674.1013 or email CV to: [email protected] EOE

Not ready to apply? Connect with us for general consideration.

Turn Your Professional Life Around - How To Use A Job Search Engine.

In an age where the rate of unemployment is literally going through the roof, career and job search engines have become the new way of scouting for greener pastures.The popularity of these revolutionary online tools is pegged on a number of factors, among them being ease-of-use and convenience.

But how exactly do you go about making the very best from these sites? Let's take a look.

Learn how to make proper use of related keywords.

Knowing how to use the correct keywords when searching for vacancies today is comparable to knowing how to compile a professional resume. A good number of job seekers, for example, overuse the word ' job', which often doesn't good results like the term 'careers', when running the keyword search. So, the next time you're looking up vacancies online, you may want to use 'careers' or 'professions' in place of 'jobs'. Reason being, most job openings are frequently advertised using the tag 'career' in a bid to make the hiring process seem more professional.

Make use of personal agents.

A majority of the leading search engine sites today have an online tool typically tucked away in the corner of the website known as a personal searching agent. The searching agent can scour the web on your behalf and update you periodically via email or SMS in case of any available opening. However, a majority of the users of these sites, for one reason or another, often ignore this feature and consequently miss out on job opportunities posted when they are offline.

Give priority to job search engines that recognize professional bodies.

It goes without saying that major professional associations are often the prime avenues towards well-paying jobs. Now, some job search tools rarely integrate such associations in their search criteria and, therefore, job hunters relying on such sites often miss out on valuable opportunities. Besides, some of these jointly-owned companies and professional bodies do not advertise their job openings as vigorously as privately owned ones do. So, in case you're not sure on whether your favorite job search engine site includes results gathered from such sites, then consider visiting them manually and looking into them separately.

As usual, do not rely on only one job search engine.

If you're serious about getting ahead in your career life, you won't put all your eggs in one basket. Just like in the real world, where it pays to diversify your portfolio, it is also smarter to utilize more than one job search engine tool when digging up for those hidden opportunities. Remember that some of the best chances in life only come by once or twice if you're lucky. Thus, it is in your best interests to keep your eye trained on many if not all platforms.

Apart from that, here are some few more pointers;

  • Use only reputable and authority search engine sites.
  • Consider backing up your resume by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn, in case a hiring manager looks you up.
  • Do not just rely on online means to get a new job. Go out there and connect with real people too.
  • Bookmark all your job boards for ease of access in the future.
  • Lastly, get into a habit of checking your emails frequently, as long as you're still looking for a job.

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