Stretching the Truth on Your Resume

2015-10-27 by Steve

What is Scarier than Writing a Resume – Fudging the Truth on Your Resume

Many people fudge when writing resumes. Remember you will have to answer to whoever you are sending the resume to. It is necessary for you to be truthful. Remember it is very easy for you say anything on your resume. But, you should know the potential employers will use the resume to know you. Any question which they will direct to you at the interview will be created from the facts which you may have presented in the resume. There are online templates which you can use to write your resume. The templates are very helpful to you so that you will know the format which should be followed when writing a resume. Some vivid examples will even go an extra mile of giving you real life examples of resumes that people have sent to different organizations when looking for employment. You should avoid copying and stretching the truth. Let the samples act as a guide for you to write the best resume.

Ways in which people lie when writing resumes:

1. Misrepresenting your work experience
Most employers will require you to have a certain minimum work experience. Most people due to the great urge that they have in getting the job, will end up lying about the experience. The potential employers will shortlist you for the position but they will require you to prove you have the necessary experience. This will require you to produce certificates of participation in the positions where you may have indicated. Failure to prove it at the interviews will lead you to fail in the interview.

2. Stretching the truth about your academic qualification
You will have to indicate your academic qualification when writing a resume. It is common in many people who will be writing resumes to lie about their degrees. Others will even go to an extent where they will forge a certificate to prove it. But, it will reach a time when the truth will be known. You could be dismissed from the job. You should avoid misusing the templates which you will access online. Just sue them but try to provide genuine information about yourself.

3. Lying about positions that you may have held in previous employment
You may like to change from one company to the other. This is common if the other company where you will like to move to has better pay. Most people will lie about the positions which they held as a way of trying to make themselves appear the best candidates. The lack of references from one position will alert the new employer to your scheme. Always be truthful about who you are and what you have done and you will get interviews where you can shine!

Tips it avoid lying on your resume
1. Always state the truth on your resume
2. Try to look for documents which will validate your claims
3. Look for other ways of making you appear the best rather than lying